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"A good laugh is the best pesticide." Nabokov


Have a scruple of poems.

Have a dram of anagrams.

Experience for yourself my (very humble) attempt at an e-poem. Check out the array of more sophisticated offerings at the electronic poetry center at University of Buffalo's UBUweb site.

The Academy of American Poets keeps a far fancier page of info on Heather McHugh at this link. You can zoom from there to the Academy's other estimable sites.

 The Fabled Orphic Egg, with a necklace of snake..

--Presented with a copy of Wilhelm Reich's new book The Function of the Orgasm, Freud remarked "So thick?"

--Oscar Wilde: "All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling."

--Allen Grossman: "Art is about something the way a cat is about the house."

--Thomas Mann: "A writer is somebody for whom writing
is more difficult than it is for other people.


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